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The Dicipline of Time

We’re always stuck with one fact — there’s only so much time. And it’s too damn easy to waste what we have, because, let’s face it, goofing around it easier than writing.

Heck, blogging is easier than facing the blank page.

But, the good news, it’s a habit. Or it can be.


Dawn on the ranch

My current habit is two hours every morning.  I’m up with dawn (and my coffee), and even with the move I made recently, the two hours get done because that’s my habit. I used to be a night owl, and I’d do two to four hours, but these days I find I’m fresher in the morning. I do take some time to do edits instead of fresh draft — you have to ease into writing. But no email is allowed until the hours are spent.

There are distractions — the dogs must go out, these days the horses want to be fed. And yet, I get itchy if I don’t get my hours in.

Two hours can go into revisions — such as on getting my books into e-book format (and I’ve just finished up A Dangerous Compromise, so I need a cover now).  If I’m on a roll, and the time allows, it might be more like six hours (or even more). I do like those sprints to the finish. But I don’t think I could do those without the habit.

However, there’s still only so much time and so many ideas, and there are times I just want more time. In truth, I think if I had too much time I’d fritter it, the same way one dollar bills spend easier than hundreds. And I still have other things to do — tend solar panels, these days, and walk to the well for the water.

But it’s still a good question to ask each day — what did I do with my day, and do I have pages to show for my progress? And can I get my hours in tomorrow for sure?