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Speaking About Writing…


I’m delighted to announce that The Beau Monde, the Regency chapter of the Romance Writers of America has asked me to be their keynote speaker at this year’s conference in July. This is not just a lovely honor–it feels to me like a continuity of writers. It’s been 25 years since The Beau Monde was started–that’s a generation. And my how the world has changed, particularly for writers. I think that’s actually one of the attractions to Regency England–it’s a world that is safely in the past, with all the changes done and over with, and a much easier world to navigate in many ways. (Of course, you still have wars, and you have a lack of penicillin, other bad medical care, and not much in the way of rights for women or anyone else other than a rich, white male, oh, and let’s not forget the desperately poor along with some other problems–but let’s not dwell on the negative.)

One of the advantages of writing about the good stuff in the Regency is that it is possible to provide an escape back to a world that’s a little less complicated, a whole lot slower, and a lot of style. But I’m jumping  ahead of myself–it’s off to New York (not my favorite place it the world, but I am looking forward to a cross-country drive to see a bit more of the US) for The Beau Monde conference.

In the meantime, I have a Regency romance novella to finish up!

Tempest Fugiting

So, apparently there’s another controversy in RWA land (is there ever one not going on?).  This is over to epub or not to epub…only that is not the question.  It’s more like where’s the money, dude?

Or maybe the recognition…I’m not clear on that one.

Honestly, the gossip always gets to me last — this has been my life since high school when the first awareness that such a thing as back channel chatter filtered through my horse-crazy phase (the one I never out-grew).  Anyway, the tempest of the day is this epub thing, and head over to Google if you want the full set of opinions.

Myself…I don’t know.  I have nothing against e-books, but then I have nothing for them, either.  When a good reading device comes along I suspect I’ll make the jump, but I’d still rather buy a book and read it, not download it and read it.  Or maybe it’s that the right book hasn’t come out only on epub to grab me.  On the other hand, saving trees, good stuff, less paper around, even better.  But then, transporting bytes still takes power, so we’re still into the grid and still warming the planet, and you can offset your books with donations to Tree People.  So…no decision in that round.

As to its viability as a publishing business–sure, heck, why not.  But if you look at the epub best seller lists, more sex seems to sell more (as in, duh).  So it’s probably like any other publishing business in that some titles do better than others, so it works for some, not so much for others.  Meaning some folks will be happy there, others not.  But then I wonder why epublished authors also seek out traditional houses, too.  The ones who write for both–well, why not.  It’s about the money there, too, I’m sure.  And making money.  And still no decision.

So what’s the real deal here?  Is it about fame more than money?  The desperate need none of us have ever outgrown–the desire to be “in the club” to be so hip slick and cool?  I think only MJ Rose has made her name into a almost household one, and that was with a jump from epub to print, so it may be that epub still has the glamour of the gizmo stuck to it.  There’s no Stevie King yet for the epub–but that’s coming.  (Well, actually, it’s here, but King’s books still come out first in hard cover, which really shows where the big money is.)

So it’ll be nice when we can get back more to the content, not the format.  When print or bytes are a second thought, and maybe you can only get this great book by download (on a reader with a decent cost and display, please) and we’re back to talking about the words and how well they fit.