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Shannon Donnelly’s writing has won numerous awards, including a nomination for Romance Writer’s of America’s RITA award, the Grand Prize in the “Minute Maid Sensational Romance Writer” contest, judged by Nora Roberts, and others. Her writing has repeatedly earned 4½ Star Top Pick reviews from Romantic Times magazine, as well as praise from Booklist and other reviewers, who note: “simply superb”…”wonderfully uplifting”….and “beautifully written.”

In addition to her Regency romances, she is the author of the Mackenzie Solomon, Demon/Warders Urban Fantasy series, Burn Baby Burn and Riding in on a Burning Tire, and the SF/Paranormal, Edge Walkers. Her work has been on the top seller list of and includes the Historical romances, The Cardros Ruby and Paths of Desire.

She is the author of several young adult horror stories, and has also written computer games and offers editing and writing workshops. She lives in New Mexico with two horses, two donkeys, two dogs, and the one love of her life. Shannon can also be found online at and twitter/sdwriter.


26 thoughts on “Shannon Donnelly Bio

  1. Dear Shannon,

    Can you help our book club networking site with a link?

    We’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and currently serve nearly 100,000 inquiries for book clubs annually. A link from your site would help immensely!

    Thank you so much for considering it!

    All best,

    Norman Hicks
    CEO, Reader’s Circle

    a non-profit organization

  2. I want to say thank you for sending the manuscript and it was a wonderful story. I will mail the manuscript back to you and I realy appriciated you sending it to me.

    Evelyn Cartier

  3. Hi, Shannon.

    I’m writing a quiz for romance writers and can’t remember the 10 years of the Regency period.

    Love Reno. Say hey to my buds in OCC and EVA.

    Terri O

    • The official years of the Regency are 1810 until George III died in 1820. However, a regency had been discussed as early as the 1790’s when King George first showed signs of a lasting madness that he might not recover from. So influence and style of the “Regency Era” is considered to be 1795 to mid 1830’s. By 1840, Victorian age is fully under way with Victoria on the throne and marrying Albert (she comes to the throne in 1837, while William IV is king from 1830 – 1837).

  4. My daughter Shannon Megan Donnelly, wants to be a writer. Is there any advice you could give her or what schools might be good for her to attend. She is 16 and loves to write.
    Thanks Proud Dad

    • A good Irish name. As to schools — there are dozens. As to writing, if you want to be a writer, write a lot. That’s the best advice possible. And read–everything.

  5. I just finished reading Proper Conduct and very much enjoyed it. I purchased the rest of that series as well as the “Compromise” series. One thing I did notice though was an unfortunate number of typos. I’m curious if that happened when the format was changed to digital? I have a bad habit of noticing things along those lines. I wrote to two other authors, one about dates not matching and a major continuity issue for the other, so please don’t feel badly! I enjoy your writing and felt that due to how many I saw I should say something. I’m sorry if I’ve offended you.

    • Please feel free to point out any typos that need correction — I did recently upload a new edition to fix a few other things that were put out of format in the ebook conversion. And thank you for reading.

  6. Hi Shannon! I participated in one of your “Show vs. Tell” workshops through Lowcountry Romance Writers. The information was very helpful. I’ve been trying to contact you hoping you’ll be able to help with a problem I’ve run into. Is there another way to contact you? Thanks!!

    Michelle Unger

  7. Really enjoyed your Proper series. Is the comprimised books a completly different series and how many books in it and how are they connected

    • The “compromise” series is its own set of books, but the hero of “Proper Conduct” first appears in “A Much Compromised Lady” when he is still the Gypsy Christo, and he and his sister are struggling to reclaim their birthright. Also, “A Compromising Situation” was the first book I had published, and won the RWA’s Golden Heart.

  8. Shannon,
    Do you have a follow-up novel for Lady Scandal. I want to find out what happens to her niece and the French captain. If you’ve already written it, please tell me which book and if not, do you plan to?

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  10. Are you the Shannon Donnelly that had property in Alaska? I have land in the neighborhood and was wondering if you might be selling it. If you’re not the right person I’m sorry to bother you

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