Critique or Plotting Session for RFW Fundraiser

I’ve donated to the Regency Fiction Writer’s annual Silent Auction–it’s online, and easy to bid on (and there’s some great stuff there).

The annual fundraiser is part of the RFW’s Conference, and can be found online.

From me, on offer is a critique of the first chapter and a synopsis for a book in progress or a completed novel. Given that this is a writing organization, I’d rather a novel with a historical setting in the years of late 1700s to about 1840, but I read just about any period of time and so I’d be happy to look at anything that might be giving a fiction writer trouble (a synopsis can be a real pain).

As an added attraction, for the winning bidders for the critique and the plotting session, I’ll throw in a free copy (electronic or hard copy) of my novella Davina’s Duke, which one the Booksellers’ Best for best novella, and also won the Indy BRAG Gold Medal.

Davinia's Duke

I’m also offering an online plotting session. The way that would work is a back-and-forth via email on either firming up a story idea (again with a historical setting, preferred), and sorting out some structure so that conflict is strong and focused on the characters, and there’s a good spine to the story. This is the sort of thing it is often difficult to work out on your own, so it is useful to be able to bounce ideas around.

Regency Fiction Writers formed to advance the professional interests of writers of the extended Regency period of England (1780 to 1840) through inclusion, networking, advocacy, and education–it is a wonderfully inclusive organization, so there are mystery writers, romance writers, historical novelists, and settings can be anywhere in the world. The conference is looking great, and it is online, so there’s easy access and the presentations are recorded (meaning you go view them on your own schedule–a plus for me). The silent auction is a great way to get some terrific research books that are out of print–I can’t believe no one’s bid on Priestley’s The Prince of Pleasure yet, which is an awesome book, and I have my eye on a couple of things (love that tea set!).

So if you’re an interest in the Regency era–or if you’re a writing struggling with a book–head on over to see all the goodies available. And take a look at the great lineup of speakers for the conference, too.


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