Words on Workshops Given

Because praise is always nice, and self-promotion is vital….

Words on Shannon’s Workshops–

“I did revamp the entire thing according to this workshop and guess what? I got a request for a full (manuscript) off of my synopsis! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!”   Kim Daniel — Selling Synopsis Workshop

“I’ve finaled in the Sharp Synopsis contest. Using the synopsis we created in your class, by the way. Thank you so much for teaching me so well!”  Wendy-Marie Foerster — Selling Synopsis Workshop

‘Writing synopses is hard; I’ve done about six of the beasts by now and it never seems to get easier. Your approach is very, very helpful.”    Nancy Herkness — Selling Synopsis Workshop

“I learned a great deal from your expertise as a writer and a special “thanks” for your patience as an instructor.”   Diana Hizar — Selling Synopsis Workshop

“You definitely added more tools to my writing toolbox… Thank you!”  Genene Valleau — Show and Tell Workshop

“You gave valuable info regarding the use of telling and showing and now better understand when to use them in my writing. Thank you for teaching this course.”  Gerry Jove — Show and Tell: An Interactive Workshop

“Thank you for the huge amount of really useful information. I especially appreciate how you broke down what seemed to be an impossible task into doable parts.”  Jocelyn McGrath — Research Workshop

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