Moving Day(s)

My mother passed on this week. Which may seem to have nothing to do with my shifiting my web from a site to a blog, but it’s all related. I’ll be painting the bathroom cabinets this next week, too. It’s my way of coping with change–I throw myself into even more change. The house got painted the last big stress that hit (yep, every room except the kitchen…and the bathroom cabinets)…that was for a divorce. So, death in the family–ah, why not not think about it by futzing around with webwork that I’ve put off far too long.

So…big shift. (Or is that plural?)

What I hope this new site will be is a better, more active site–and much more posted about what’s going on currently, rather than past. I’ve two new manuscripts done (and making the rounds, and making the rounds). And a couple more started…one about half-way. I’ve gone back to my roots again with spooky stuff (never did get Poe and Bradbury out of my blood), and there’s new ideas to mix that up a bit–and I so wish it did not feel like running after a trend. But, hey, I’d be writing weird stuff anyway, since I’m not under contract.

So, here’s to change…may we meet it with grace, and only a little craziness. May it encourage us to growth, not to running away–and if we do run, may it be to better pastures, with some good sights on the way. And here’s to new homes and fresh paint.

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